2018 Fall Campus Drive

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YDSA Delegates at the 2018 Annual Convention. Get the banner pictured by ordering a Fall Drive kit!


YDSA has exploded in the last year. We now have almost 70 official YDSA chapters across the country, with many more organizing committees emerging every day – making us the largest socialist student organization in the United States. We had our largest outreach conference ever – 400 young socialists gathered in Washington, DC in February, and all of them left prepared to organize their campus communities into a powerful leftist political force. We were called out by the president of the NRA, but instead of falling victim to his intimidation, 30 YDSA chapters organized marches, rallies and actions in conjunction with the March for Our Lives.

All of this was possible because of our wildly successful 2017 Fall Campus Drive. Over 300 campuses signed up to participate in last year’s drive, most of which are still active today. One hundred chapters used the YDSA chapter building kits to recruit thousands of new members on their campuses and laid the groundwork for strong chapters and powerful campaigns.


Let’s make the 2018 Fall Campus Drive an even BIGGER success!


Young people today are embracing socialism more than any generation that has come before us. We’re fed up with both major political parties in the US, and demand an end to Trump’s fascist agenda and the years of neoliberalism that brought us here. The problems facing young people today, from soaring healthcare costs to crushing student debt to impending environmental collapse, require socialist solutions – and we won’t settle for anything less.

Through the 2018 Fall Drive, YDSA is channeling this extraordinary surge in leftist energy among young people into a vibrant and powerful political movement.  Chapters that sign up for the Fall Drive will organize on campuses and in communities to win material change and political power for the working class, while training a new generation of socialist leaders in the process.

When you sign up for the fall drive, you’ll receive the training resources you need to make YDSA a real force on your campus, beautiful handouts, buttons and stickers that you can use to build your membership, and mentorship from other DSA and YDSA leaders across the country. But the most important piece of a successful Fall Drive is you – energetic young democratic socialists who are ready to take steps toward becoming successful campus organizers.

Are you in?

How do I run a Fall Drive on my campus?

First things first, sign up for the Fall Drive here! You’ll be kept in the loop about nationwide calls, updates, and you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on a 2018 YDSA Chapter Building Kit.

Read the YDSA organizing manual cover to cover, and check out the YDSA Bookshelf for tons of additional information

After you sign up for the fall drive, hop on a fall drive call with DSA organizers and other new YDSA leaders to hear firsthand tips and tactics for recruiting members and laying the groundwork for a powerful chapter.

Order a chapter building kit! These kits are full of materials that you’ll need to recruit new members and establish a presence on your campus. Please note that you need to sign up for the Fall Drive before you can order a chapter building kit.