2019 YDSA Convention

The 2019 YDSA Convention will take place from Tuesday, July 30 – Thursday, August 1, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Check this web page frequently for updates!

2019 YDSA Pre-Convention Rules

2019 YDSA Convention Timeline

Delegate Apportionment and Registration

UPDATE 6/27/2019: The deadline to submit membership lists is now Sunday, July 7 at 11:59PM EST. Membership lists received after June 1st will not be used to determine or adjust delegate count, only membership status.

UPDATE 6/12/2019: The deadline to submit the results of your chapter’s delegate elections is now Thursday, June 27.

All official YDSA chapters in good standing as of August 1, 2019 are eligible to send a voting delegation to the 2019 convention. If you are not sure whether or not your chapter is official, please contact yds@dsausa.org. Chapter applications and renewals will be accepted until May 15, 2019, unless a special extension is requested in advance.

Each YDSA chapter will receive 1 voting delegate for every 4 dues-paying YDSA members on its membership list, and 1 non-voting alternate for every 2 delegates. Every chapter will have at least 1 delegate and 1 alternate. Please review the delegate apportionment FAQ for more information. 

All official YDSA chapters will receive an email from the national office by June 1, 2019 with their delegation numbers. Chapters will then have until June 27 to submit the results of their delegate elections.

Registration information will be sent directly to delegates and non-voting alternates via email.

Early Bird standard registration – $129

Early Bird low income registration – $65

Standard registration – $158

Low income registration – $100

Housing and Scholarships

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is Sunday, June 23. This year, scholarships can be used to cover travel, housing, registration and food costs. Please take all your expenses into consideration when you apply for a scholarship. All students who receive a scholarship will be eligible to register at the early bird rate even if they register after this deadline.

You must be an elected delegate or alternate to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

After you register for the convention, you will be sent a link to reserve a hotel room at a discounted rate. Up to 4 people can fit in a hotel room at no additional cost. If you would like to be matched with other students looking to share a hotel room, please fill out this form.

There is also a limited amount of free housing available with members of Metro Atlanta DSA. You can add yourself to the waitlist for free housing when you register for the convention. We cannot guarantee free housing for anyone at this time, and want to make sure that what free housing we do have available goes to those who need it most, so please book a hotel room or find outside accommodations if you are able to.

Single hotel room: $159.31 per night per person

Hotel room split between 2 delegates: $79.65 per night per person

Hotel room split between 4 delegates: $39.83 per night per person


Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments

Members of official YDSA chapters can submit resolutions to be discussed before the national convention here, and  amendments to our national constitution here. Please note that all resolutions and amendments require 2 co-sponsors who are also members of official YDSA chapters. 

The deadline to submit all primary submissions is June 14, 2019. All primary submissions will be included in the first convention bulletin, which will be sent to all members on June 21. After that, members will be able to submit amendments to all resolutions and amendments that will be debated before the convention.

National Coordinating Committee and Regional Organizing Committee Elections

NCC and ROC nominations are now open! You can nominate a dues-paying member of an official YDSA chapter to run for NCC or ROC here. All potential candidates must receive a minimum of 5 nominations to run for NCC, and 2 nominations to run for ROC.