2019 YDSA Winter Conference

Class Struggle In Session

Berkeley, CA | February 15-17, 2019

The 2019 Winter Conference: Class Struggle in Session is open to all student organizers and DSA members with an interest in campus organizing and socialist struggle.

Socialists won historic victories in 2018. The labor movement experienced a huge resurgence with a sweeping wave of teachers’ strikes led in many places by rank-and-file socialists. Workers at notoriously exploitative Amazon won a $15 minimum wage. Medicare for All has gone from a dream to a popular demand to something that now seems inevitable. As of this week, there are two DSA members in US Congress, in addition to over 100 members in state and local offices across the country. And the most popular politician in America is an open and proud democratic socialist.

But despite the progress we’ve made and the feats we’ve accomplished, we’re faced with challenges we’ve never seen and risks we haven’t yet encountered, both as an organization and as a popular leftist movement. We stand on the precipice of an economic crisis and the threat of global fascism as prevalent than ever.

And students face a struggle that is at once their own and inextricable from all other working class struggle. Student debt sits at an all time high and poses a threat to the millions who hold it and to our entire economy.

But 2019 will also bring opportunities the likes of which the left hasn’t had in decades. The 2020 Presidential election rolls towards us at full speed, and our answer to it will not just affect DSA and the left. Our next moves could have a significant impact on US politics and the future that we share with all Americans.

We have an opportunity to implement socialist strategy on a national scale and organize thousands or even millions of people around mass demands like Medicare for All, a green New Deal, and College for All.

Are you in?

As we venture into a new terrain of crisis and class struggle, the 2019 Winter Conference will be crucial in deciding how YDSA as an organization will advance our agenda in the coming year, and set us up to fight against capital’s response. Together, we will strengthen YDSA by training together to create more militant socialists in your chapters, sharing the knowledge and skills to effectively run campaigns, and helping you better engage in our national priority work.

View the 2019 Conference Program here

Questions? Contact yds@dsausa.org.