2021 YDSA Convention

The 2021 YDSA Convention will be held online from Friday, June 25-Sunday, June 27. Check this page for updates!

Due to the potential risks of traveling and gathering in a large group, the YDSA National Coordinating Committee voted to make this YDSA Convention a virtual event. DSA staff and YDSA Convention committees are working to make this Convention as close as possible to what delegates would experience in-person.

On March 31, the NCC passed these draft convention rules.

You can view the preliminary convention schedule here. Please note that this schedule will not be finalized until approved by delegates on the first day of the convention and could change!

Who can attend the convention?

Every official YDSA chapter is eligible to send a voting delegation to the convention. The size of each chapter’s delegation will be determined based on the number of dues-paying or dues-waived DSA members in your chapter. The national office will contact the elected leadership of each chapter starting April 12 with the exact size of their delegation. Each chapter must then hold an election before May 23 to determine who will represent the chapter at the convention.

Once your chapter has held delegate elections, please submit the results to the national office using this form. We will then reach out to your delegates and alternates with instructions on how to register. Please note that all delegates and alternates must be DSA members affiliated with your YDSA chapter.

If you are not sure whether or not your YDSA chapter is official, please check this list. If you are part of an official chapter that has not received information about your delegation size, please email [email protected]


Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments

Members of official YDSA chapters can submit resolutions to be discussed before the 2021 Convention here, and amendments to the national YDSA Constitution and Bylaws here. Please note that all resolutions and amendments require 2 co-sponsors who are also dues-paying members of official YDSA chapters. 

The deadline for all primary submissions is April 25, 2021. All primary submissions will be included in the first convention bulletin, which will be sent to all members on May 3, 2021. After that, members will be able to submit amendments to all resolutions and amendments that will be debated before the convention.

You can access the resolutions and amendments passed at the 2020 YDSA Convention here. 

Submit resolutions here by April 25

Submit amendments here by April 25

National Coordinating Committee Elections

YDSA elects its own national leadership every year in the form of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC). The NCC directs the activities, publications, education, general political direction and coalition work of YDSA.  At least 50% of the NCC must be self-identified women or gender non-binary people (including one of the co-chairs), and at least 50% of the NCC must also be people of color.

YDSA will elect two Co-Chairs and seven At-Large members for the NCC at the Conference. Candidates may choose to run for Co-Chair or At Large. Co-Chairs will be asked to make a significantly greater time commitment than at-large members. The co-chairs of YDSA are members of the National Political Committee of DSA as well as the National Steering Committee. Only candidates who are willing to devote 10-12 hours a week to national YDSA work should consider running for Co-Chair.

Candidates for Co-Chair will be voted on first at the YDSA Conference. Any candidates that do not win their election for Co-Chair will be added to the pool of candidates for At-Large seats.

All NCC nominees must: 

  • Be an official member of YDSA (be a dues-paying DSA member in good standing and be on the membership list of an official nationally-recognized YDSA chapter that has received a charter from national which has not expired or been otherwise nullified).
  • Receive five (5) nominations from official YDSA members.
  • Be 29 years old or younger

Submit NCC Nominations here by May 23

2021 YDSA Convention Timeline

Monday, March 29

Deadline for chapter applications and renewals.

Deadline for membership list updates. All updates must be submitted through the chapter affiliation form

Monday, April 12

National office begins sending delegate apportionment numbers out to chapters

Chapters begin holding delegate elections

Sunday, April 25

Primary submissions close

Monday, May 3

First Convention Bulletin

Secondary submissions open

Sunday, May 23

Deadline for chapters to submit the results of their delegate elections

Secondary submissions close

NCC nominations close

Monday, June 7

Final convention bulletin

Friday, June 25 – Sunday, June 27 – 2021 YDSA Convention

Tech Accessibility and Scholarships

Delegates to the YDSA Convention will require a reliable computer and access to wifi to fully participate. We may be able to provide assistance accessing required tech for delegates who need it – more information on how to apply will be released soon.

Scholarships are also available to cover registration fees. Delegates and alternates will receive the scholarship request form via email.