Schedule | 2021 YDSA Winter Conference – A Better World is Possible

The 2021 Winter Conference Committee is hard at work developing the workshops and trainings that will fill this year’s schedule. This schedule may shift, and content may be added or removed as we get closer to the conference. If you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved with planning the conference, please email 

Pre-Conference Plenary

Join us for a preview plenary in the weeks before the conference begins on our campaign to cancel ALL student debt. More info coming soon.

Friday, February 26

3PM ET – Self-Organized Breakout Block #1

4PM ET – Self-Organized Breakout Block #2

8PM ET – Kick-off Rally

Saturday, February 27

12PM ET – Announcements and Plenary

1:30PM ET – Short Break

1:45PM ET – 90 Minute Workshop Block

3:15PM ET – Long Break 

4:45PM ET – Speaker – TBA

5:15PM ET – Strategy Session

6:30PM ET – Long Break

8PM ET – Breakouts/Social

Sunday, February 28

12PM ET – Announcement and Plenary

1:30PM ET – Short Break

1:45PM ET – 45 Minute Workshop Block

2:30PM ET – Long Break

4PM ET – Speaker – TBA

4:30PM ET – Strategy Session Follow-up

5:30PM ET – Closing

Workshop Topics

90-Minute Workshops

Escalating Tactics During Covid-19

How to Hold a Successful 1 on 1 Conversation

Democratic Socialism 101

Building Capacity and Developing Leaders Online

How to Engage with Campus Labor

Building Healthy Organizing Spaces

Deescalation and Conflict Resolution

Running Defund The Police Campaign on Campus

Direct Action Training

How to do Mutual Aid

How to Recruit to your Chapter

45-Minute Workshops

How to Powermap

Getting Ready for Summer Convention

Keeping Members engaged and Building Community Over Zoom

How to Run a Phonebank

How to Structure a Political Education Working Group

How to Run a Successful Virtual Event

Introduction to YDSA’s Campaign and Projects

How to Cut an Issue

How to Run a Social Media Campaign

How to Run a Campaign for Student Government

How to Structure a Working Group