2022 YDSA Dues Drive

The YDSA dues drive is a nationwide effort to recruit hundreds, if not thousands, of new members to YDSA. We want to grow the number of members in our organization so we are better equipped to take on bigger organizing projects at the local and national level. Additionally, the drive hopes to encourage hundreds of YDSA members to switch from annual dues to monthly dues, to better support Y/DSA’s long-term organizing.

Why Pay Dues?

DSA is a member funded organization. Since our funding comes from dues, we don’t have to rely on donations from corporations or wealthy donors, which ensures that our organization is beholden to its members and not outside influencers or the capitalist class. Paying dues as a YDSA member means you are a member of DSA too! You are eligible to vote in elections and in meetings of your local DSA chapter and your dues will help fund their organizing work. Click here to join or switch to monthly dues today!

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