2024 YDSA Convention

Below is a link the our final version of the YDSA Convention Bulletin where you can read all of the resolutions, amendments, and NCC nominees candidate statements.

The schedule for this weekend is live! Check it below:

Who can attend the Convention?

The YDSA convention is open to elected delegates from official YDSA chapters. The national DSA office will inform each official YDSA of the size of the delegation they can send to the convention. Delegation sizes will be proportionate to the number of dues-paying members in each chapter. Chapters will then hold elections to decide which members will represent them at the convention. All delegates must be dues-paying members of DSA. If you aren’t sure whether or not your chapter is official please check the chapter list here.

What happens at the Convention?

At the convention, delegates will debate and vote on pre-submitted resolutions and changes to the national YDSA constitution. Resolutions are directives for the national organization – adopt a national priority, organize a campaign, create a resource to support chapters, etc. The best resolutions are not just statements, they direct the organization to do something. Each resolution requires a simple majority vote of seated convention delegates to pass.

Constitutional changes are edits or additions to YDSA’s national constitution. Our constitution outlines our national leadership structure, membership requirements and much more. Each constitution change requires a 3/5 vote of seated convention delegates to pass.

NCC Nominations

Also Convention, we elect a new National Coordinating Committee, or NCC. The NCC is comprised of 9 students from YDSA chapters who lead the organization outside the convention. They create committees, run campaigns, plan national events, and do much more to sustain the national organization over the next year. The NCC has two co-chairs who also sit on DSA’s NPC, and seven at-large members.

View the current NCC Nominations via the 2024 Bulletin.

Pre-Convention Timeline

Dates subject to change.

Sunday, March 3Primary Submissions and NCC nominations open
Sunday, March 24Chapter application deadline
Sunday, April 21Deadline for chapters to update their membership lists
Sunday, May 12Pre-Convention Call #1: Writing a Resolution and Running for NCC
Sunday, May 19Delegate election results due to national office
Pre-Convention Call #2: Running for NCC as a POC or non-man
Sunday, May 26Primary submission deadline
Sunday, June 16Resolution Discussion #1: Campaigns and Structure
Sunday, June 23Secondary submission and NCC nomination deadline
Resolution Discussion #2: Labor and Internationalism
Sunday, June 30NCC Co-chair Candidate Debate
Monday, July 1Delegate & Alternate Convention Registration Deadline
Tuesday, July 2Resolution Discussion #3 Internationalism
Sunday, July 7NCC At-Large Candidate Debate
Monday, July 8Convention Voting Tool Training #1 (all Convention attendees must attend ONE training)
Tuesday, July 9Resolution Discussion #4 Electoral Strategy, Platform, & Program
Tuesday, July 16Convention Voting Tool Training #2 (all Convention attendees must attend ONE training)
Friday, July 19Convention begins!