Campus Labor

Leadership & Structure

Interim Chair:
Ajmal Alami (VT YDSA & National Co-Chair)

Interim Vice Chair:
Nina Svirsky (NYU DSA)

Interim Vice Chair:
Chance Walker (UT San Antonio YDSA)


The Campus Labor Subcommittee was established by the NCC after YDSA voted to adopt DSA’s priority resolutions list for our annual campaigns each year.


The Campus Labor Subcommittee’s works to support chapters in organizing successful campaigns around labor issues including unionization efforts, strike solidarity, and providing the tools to become rank-and-file union members.


The Campus Labor Subcommittee has produced an organizing guide for YDSA chapters to use when engaging in campus and community labor work and a guide to becoming a rank-and-file teacher for YDSAers who are interested in building the labor movement once they graduate.

Get Involved

The Campus Labor Subcommittee is currently seeking YDSA members who have experience organizing around labor in their chapters to draft materials and work with other chapters organizing labor campaigns! Apply to join