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Leadership & Structure

Sebastian Uchida Chavez, City College of New York, NCC Member At-Large

Committee members: Ajmal Alami, Virginia Tech, NCC Co-Chair, Eliott Geary, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, NCC Co-Chair


The College for All Committee was established after the 2018 YDSA Convention as mandated by Resolution #4.


YDSA is employing a three-pronged strategy to win College for All:

1. YDSA chapters across the country run local campaigns on their campus or in their community with College for All demands. Chapters will run campaigns for tuition freezes, living wages for campus workers, and increased and stable financial aid, while also articulating the need for state action. A series of these local wins builds our momentum and the power we need to influence national politics.

2. YDSA chapters coordinate at the state and national level to demand that lawmakers support College for All policies. Through nationwide and statewide days of action, YDSA chapters will come together as one to make it clear to those who claim to represent us that they must get behind College for All if they want our votes.

3. YDSA chapters through our campaigns and national coordination change the national discourse around higher education. Between building an organized base and bringing an ideological challenge to the capitalist class’ control over our education, we create new political possibilities.


The College for All committee has written an extensive College for All Guide. And check the Digital Chapter Building Kit for more campus organizing resources.

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