College for All

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Leadership & Structure

Chair: Sebastian Uchida Chavez (CUNY City College of New York, NCC Member At-Large)

Committee members: Ajmal Alami (Virginia Tech, NCC Co-Chair),
Eliott Geary (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, NCC Co-Chair)
Morganne Blais-McPherson (University of California Davis)
Nathanael Veach (University of California Santa Cruz)

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The College for All Committee was established after the 2018 YDSA Convention.

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National Strategy

The current crisis in higher education gives YDSA a historic opportunity to raise mass awareness about the broader failures of capitalism and uphold a socialist alternative.

Seizing this moment to win tuition-free public college, student debt cancellation, and ending profit in education requires a strategic approach.

Several YDSA chapters are already organizing locally in response to the crisis in higher education. Our national strategy coheres these local campaigns by directing them towards a shared national goal.

Check our College for All strategy document!

NEW! Cancel Student Debt

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Pramila Jaypal, and Rep. Ilhan Omar have unveiled a plan to completely eliminate the student loan debt of every American. The Student Debt Cancellation Act has no eligibility limitations and will be paid for by a tax on Wall Street.

This bill presents us with a historic opportunity to cohere a national movement that can go beyond student debt cancellation and College for All.

Join the movement to cancel student debt!


The College for All Committee has prepared the following materials to help chapters kick-start their campaigns to win College for All.

College for All Guide: This guide offers an in-depth look at the crisis in higher education and a summary of the escalating tactics that will help us build the student movement we need.

Strategy Memo: We’ve prepared a two-page memo that explains our national and local strategies to win College for All.

Campaign Trifold: Use this slick pamphlet while tabling to let everyone know of what is happening to our schools and universities, and how they can help us fight for a socialist alternative.

Town Hall Materials: Use this sample agenda and sample slide show to host a town hall on College for All!

Cancel Student Debt Tactics Guide: This guide outlines a variety of tactics you can use to escalate your campaign to pressure your congresspeople into supporting the Student Debt Cancellation Act.


A movement of the scale we need must to be well-coordinated. The College for All Committee has held national calls for this campaign — and the plan is to continue to do so!

College for All Webinar: We invited two international student leaders from Quebec and Chile to share their insights on building student movements and fighting back against neoliberal education reforms.

Training Video: Our national leadership prepared a training presentation to help chapters fight for College for All on their campuses.

Office Hours: Need help moving your campaign forward? Not sure how to “cut an issue”? Want to know how to bridge your campaign to the national movement? Bring all of your College for All questions to our weekly Office Hour calls hosted by the campaign committee!

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