Cancel Student Debt Tactics

This guide was developed by the College for All Committee. It outlines a variety of escalating tactics that you can use to pressure your congressperson into supporting the Student Debt Cancellation Act.

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College for All Organizing Guide (Tactics Section)

College for All National Strategy

Escalating Tactics

No matter how many lives would be spared from crushing debt, political elites will never break from their wealthy donors and cancel student debt until we make it politically impossible for them not to.

This means that to pass the Student Debt Cancellation Act, we need to run local campaigns that put pressure on politicans in every state.

Your campaign can build power by escalating tactics. Escalation means starting out small to build capacity, legitimacy, consciousness, and the power to mount increasing pressure with the final goal of forcing your target to give in.

Email and Call Your Representative

Get everyone on campus to email and call their representatives about the bill!

You can do this while tabling, clipboarding, and posting on social media! This is a great way to start a conversation about our socialist vision.

Use our form to easily find and send a custom-made email to your reps

Write an Op-ed On Student Debt

Articles on campus and local papers are a great way to connect the national debt crisis to the daily hardships of student debtors.

Check out our guide on how to write an article about the debt crisis

Run a Social Media Campaign

This should only be a small part of your campaign. But photo testimonials, infographics, and the odd meme can give you a consistent and compelling presence on social media.

Remember to use #CollegeForAll and #CancelStudentDebt

We’ll make a slick photo testimonial graphic and share it online!

Just send us your pictures and sentences explaining what you would do without student debt!

Hold a Town Hall

Convene a town hall with students, faculty, and your campus community about the national student debt crisis, its impact on your community, and the way forward.

Check out our town hall organizing guide and our town hall materials

Get Other Campus Orgs to Endorse the Bill

Winning the support of your student government, alumni association, campus labor union, and local DSA gives the bill a mass platform and legitimacy to our campaign.

It’s also a good opportunity to build broad, strategic relations to mobilize for actions!

Check out our campus labor page for advice on working with campus unions

Take Direct Action

Odds are we might need more than heavily worded emails, phone calls, and statements to pass this bill. If your target won’t budge, you can increase pressure by demonstrating, chalking, bird-dogging, and calling for a press conference outside their office!

While we know that direct confrontation is necessary to win, starting small will give you some time for newer members to experience the school stalling and realize for themselves the need to escalate. They will also build confidence in themselves and their ability to take action over time.

Check out our direct action guide to ensure your safety and that of others (Coming soon!)

Help Coordinate a National Day of Action

As a part of our National Strategy to win College for All, this escalation of tactics should aim to expand your base and build broad coalitions that can be mobilized for a national action.

For this reason, participating chapters are encouraged to convene regularly for national campaign calls. These calls will allow our dedicated national organizers in the College for All Committee to figure out if and when we’re ready to call for a mass national action!

Campaign calls are every Friday at 6PM ET (click here to register)