A Better World is Possible – 2022 Fall Recruitment Drive

The time to stand up and fight back is now. Join YDSA today and start a chapter at your school.

At colleges and high schools across the country YDSA chapters are building student and worker power – and winning big. University of Michigan YDSA won a $15 minimum wage for student workers across the entire system. Dartmouth YDSA was instrumental in organizing a brand new union for student workers. And Howard YDSA played a part in organizing a historic building takeover and winning crucial improvements to student life.

Your school could be next. Sign up for the 2022 Fall Recruitment Drive today!

After you sign up for the drive you will be plugged into a training tailored to your level of organizing experience. No matter what stage of organizing you’re at – leading a chapter with hundreds of members or just getting started on your own – experienced YDSA organizers will be there to support and train you. Please check out the different choices for how you can get involved this year.

If you’re starting a brand new YDSA chapter or restarting a chapter that’s become inactive:

If you’re a leader of an already existing YDSA chapter:

Not leading a chapter or starting a new one?

New chapter trainings

We’ve designed this set of trainings specifically for students starting new YDSA chapters or trying to revive or relaunch chapters that have gone dormant. We’ll start with organizing basics and give you everything you need to jumpstart your chapter this Fall. Through interactive assignments that will have you building up your chapter in real time, you’ll leave this training series with everything you need to launch a successful and powerful YDSA chapter.

Returning Chapter check ins

This call is for new leaders of chapters that are carrying over from Spring 2022 or earlier. This training series has a heavy focus on discussion, and you’ll get the opportunity to work with and learn from student leaders from chapters across the country. We’ll go into deeper depth about making a recruitment strategy, developing new leaders, and running a successful strategic campaign.

YDSA 101

If you’re not sure about starting a YDSA chapter or if you want to get involved but don’t have the time necessary, these calls are for you! We’ll dive into YDSA’s strategy, who we are and what we do, and you’ll get the chance to join our work at the national level.