Mutual Mentorship


The Mutual Mentorship Committee was established at the YDSA Summer Convention in August 2017 as part of the passage of the Resolution for Strengthened Leadership and Organizing Skills.


The Mutual Mentorship Committee works to develop guidelines and facilitate mutual mentorship relationships between YDSA chapters and their local DSA chapters.


The Mutual Mentorship Committee has developed a guide to starting and maintaining a mutual mentorship relationship between YDSA and DSA chapters. We encourage all YDSA leaders and interested DSA members to check out the guide as you work together to build socialist power in your communities.

Get Involved

The Mutual Mentorship Committee is currently seeking YDSA members who have experience working with their local DSA chapters to draft materials and work with chapters toward establishing and maintaining mutual mentorship relationships! Apply to join.

If your YDSA chapter is interested in getting connected to your local DSA chapter, the Mutual Mentorship Committee can help! Contact us to get in touch.