YDSA is the youth and student wing of DSA. To become a YDSA member you need to:

  1. Be a DSA member
  2. Be on the membership list of an official YDSA chapter

Step 1) Become a DSA member

As a democratic, grassroots organization, YDSA is continuing the political revolution for the long term. By paying dues, YDSA members self-fund our own tools for liberation. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Have questions about joining? Check out our membership & dues FAQ here.

Step 2) Join or start an official YDSA chapter

If you’re already a DSA member, update your YDSA Chapter affiliation here. This is for our record-keeping – you still need to contact a local chapter directly to get involved with them.

You can find a full list of official YDSA chapters here.

If there isn’t already YDSA chapter near you, follow the steps on our “Start a Chapter” page here to start organizing.