Resources for Leaders of official YDSA chapters

This page is designed to provide resources to leaders of new and existing official YDSA chapters, and contains everything you need to keep your chapter secure, organized, and up to date with the latest updates from the National Coordinating Committee and the National Office. 

You can find a list of all official YDSA chapters here. If your chapter does not appear on this list, you can gain official status by completing our chapter application process. The first step is attending a chapter application info call, register for one here


Important Links and Resources

Handbook for official chapter leaders – if you are an elected officer please read this in full! It contains important information about staying in contact with the national organization and organizing and security resources.

Officer update form – use this form to update your chapter’s leadership information every time you hold elections

Charter renewal form – all YDSA chapters must renew their charters regularly. Your chapter must submit the renewal form 14 months from the date on your chapter’s most recent charter

Chapter affiliation form – all dues-paying and dues-waived members of your chapter must fill out this form in order to be counted for the annual YDSA convention