Our Work

YDSA Bloomington

Indiana University

Last August in Charlottesville, Virginia, KKK members, neo-nazis, and the “alt-right” showed up to protest the removal of Confederate statues. One of these white supremacists purposefully drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring 19 people and killing one, Heather Heyer. YDSA Bloomington organized a march in response before classes had even begun, to stand in solidarity with the people of Charlottesville. Hundreds of people, including students and other community members, marched to show the incoming class of freshman at IU that white supremacy and neo-Nazism would not be tolerated.

Yale Democratic Socialists

New Haven, CT

In September, Yale Democratic Socialists worked with coalition partners to put on a dance party to raise funds for DACA renewals. Not only did they raise over $3,500 (enough to fund seven DACA renewals) but they also were able to then mobilize students to put their bodies on the line in an act of civil disobedience that successfully prevented ICE from deporting a local family. Five Yale students were among a group of 36 who physically blocked ICE agents from entering a family’s home until a New York judge granted the family a stay.

Hays High School YDSA

Buda, TX

YDSA is not only active on college campuses – we also have some incredible high school chapters! Hays YDSA in Buda, TX helped organize a walkout of over 250 students as part of the national March for Our Lives mobilization. They also raised hundreds of dollars for the victims of the Parkland shooting by selling YDSA buttons.

Wake Forest University YDSA

Winston-Salem, NC

In North Carolina, Wake Forest YDSA students worked with community partners to form the Winston Against Structural Violence Coalition to educate, agitate, and organize for justice in the wake of a police murder of an unarmed Black man. Wake Forest YDSA has mobilized for die-ins, packed courtrooms, protested and met with city councilmembers to demand police accountability and justice for Edward McCrae.

New York University YDSA

New York, NY

In February, New York University’s YDSA chapter canvassed in public housing projects in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan to mobilize around universal health care —Medicare For All. Residents were able to vocalize the massive burden that our for-profit medical system has had on their lives. Canvassers, in turn, shared DSA’s vision for what a truly just health care system might look like.

UTC Young Democratic Socialists

Chattanooga, TN

The YDSA chapter at UT Chattanooga held an anti-fascism event in the wake of several attempts by various far-right groups to organize on their campus. Students speak on the fascist presence on campus, the far-right groups in the area, and how to identify them. The chair of the local DSA chapter spoke on the fascism the state already engages in, including ICE, police brutality, and imperialism.