Red Hot Summer

YDSA is launching Red Hot Summer, a 6-week program open to any young worker interested in organizing their workplace. The Red Hot Summer program will offer labor organizing training sessions and discussions on labor history led by student leaders of the labor movement with organizing experience at Starbucks, Amazon, and campus labor unions. 

The goal of this program is to give young workers the tools to organize their workplace and discuss how the labor movement can play a role in winning fights against racism, sexism, homophobia, climate change, and imperialism. 

The sessions will be on Tuesday nights from June 21 to July 26. Sign up here!

The largest new labor upsurge of our lifetime is taking place, and young people are playing a leading role. Young people have repeatedly risen up in the past decade, from Black Lives Matter protests, climate change rallies, the Palestinian liberation movement, and the Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns. Young people are also learning that one of the best ways to win power and fight back against an unequal, discriminatory, and warming world is to organize their workplace. 

The average age of the organizers for the Amazon Labor Union was just 26 and many leaders of Starbucks Workers United are college students. Student workers are also organizing unions on campus and some of the largest strikes in the past couple years have been led by graduate workers. 

These unions are not just organizations to improve workplace conditions, they are part of a movement of workers that can change the world. Come learn how to join the labor movement!


  • Thursday, May 19 @ 8 PM EST – More than 200 Starbucks stores have filed for union election this year as a part of a union drive growing at a rapid speed. If you are interested in learning more about the Starbucks campaign, please sign up for an informational event with labor leaders here!
  • Tuesday, June 7 @ 8 PM EST – Red Hot Summer launch event with worker leaders from Amazon, Starbucks, and campus labor campaigns.
  • June 21 – July 26 – weekly training sessions and political education discussions led by new union leaders. You can find a detailed schedule here.

Next steps

Hundreds of students have already signed up for the Red Hot Summer program, but we will need hundreds more to maximize our power! To help spread the word, can you:

  • Invite at least one coworker that you trust
  • Retweet this program on Twitter and share on your Instagram story
  • Invite your friends and classmates