School of Socialism

During the 2019 YDSA convention in Atlanta, Georgia, YDSA members passed a resolution to build a comprehensive program for political education. Part of the vision for this program was the creation of a syllabus that could be used by local YDSA chapters across the country. This syllabus would cover a full range of topics and draw from democratic socialist theory, historical socialist struggles, and contemporary social movements. 

Chapters are invited to generate their own questions from readings and combine these readings with their own favorites. We live in exciting times. A self-identified socialist has a chance of being elected to the Presidency, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of young people in high schools and colleges are asking important questions about socialism and the world we live in. These questions aren’t easy, and we will make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean we act haphazardly – we learn from our mistakes, just as we can learn from the struggles of socialists before us. So join us. The world is ours to win!

Socialist Night School Manual (.pdf)