Socialism 101

Welcome to the YDSA School of Socialism syllabus! The syllabus is a collection of political education modules for YDSA chapters to use for local political education meetings and events. Modules are grouped by topics and contain suggested readings for your chapter to choose from as well as key themes, discussion questions, and other resources for the topics and/or readings. Some sections currently only include suggested readings but the NPEC is working to expand these sections in the near future! Chapters are not required to use the syllabus for political education meetings, nor is it intended for chapters to discuss each topic sequentially with their chapter. While we strongly encourage chapters to begin with the more foundational modules (What is Socialism?, How Capitalism Works, and Why the Working Class), chapter leaders should select modules based on what their chapter is most interested in discussing rather than the order they appear in the syllabus. 


We hope this syllabus is a valuable resource for your chapter. If you have any questions or suggestions about the content of the syllabus please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Additionally, if you would like to join the National Political Education Committee and help update/expand the syllabus you can apply here.


-YDSA National Political Education Committee