Imperialism & Internationalism

General Resources:

ABCs of Socialism: “Are socialists pacifists? Aren’t some wars justified?” (p. 104-119), “Is socialism a Western concept?” (p. 62-69)

Aziz Rana, “The Return of Left Internationalism”

Ellen Meiksins Wood, “Globalisation and Imperialism”

Robert Brenner, “What Is, and What Is Not, Imperialism?”

Aparna Gopalan, “Socialist Internationalism as if the Global South Mattered”

Dan La Botz, Fred Murphy, and Jared Abbot, “The Struggle for Democracy and Socialism in Latin America”


Bashir Abu-Manneh, “The Occupation and BDS”

Omar Barghouti, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights, Ch. 2, “Why BDS?”, p. 49

Video: Israel’s Never-Ending Occupation and Palestine’s Resistance with Bashir Abu-Manneh

Sumaya Awad, Palestine: A Socialist Introduction

Immigrant Rights

Justin Akers Chacón & Mike Davis, No One is Illegal, Ch 20, “Immigration Policy as a Means to Control Labor”; Ch. 32, “A New Civil Rights Movement”

Gareth Dale, “A World Without Borders”

William Robinson, “Immigrant Workers: Front-Line Fighters Against the New Global Capitalism”

Paul Manville, “A Crisis of Our Own Making: U.S. Foreign Policy and Latin American Migration”

Dan La Botz, “Ten Arguments for Open Borders, the Abolition of ICE, and an Internationalist Labor Movement”

Anti-War Movement

Dee Knight, “The Socialist Anti-War Tradition: Leading the Fight Against War and Imperialism”

Griffin Mahon, “A Majority for Peace: Anti-war Movements, Socialist Foreign Policy, and the Armed Forces”)