The Struggle Continues – NCC statement on 2023 midterm election results


On November 8th, DSA & YDSA celebrated the defeat of anti-abortion proposals in Northern Kentucky and Montana and the victory of 15 DSA endorsed candidates for state legislatures and Congress. 

But, as we watch election results trickle in and see Democrats only slightly outperforming expectations, we are reminded now more than ever that both Democrats and Republicans have failed to guarantee our safety or reflect the needs of the mass movement of students and workers in the United States. 

This year, Roe v. Wade was overturned, and fascist threats across Southern states are on the rise. All of this came when the Democrats controlled the Presidency, House, and Senate. It is clear that the Democrats will not fight for the radical change we need, much less stand up to the Right. With the Republicans poised to take control of the House, we must recognize that we cannot rely on the Democrats to win the world that we deserve. It is up to us to build a mass, working-class movement that can take collective action to demand the change that Democrats have failed to enact and Republicans have repeatedly obstructed. 

YDSA believes in a world where the working-class has power; where women, gender non-binary, and queer individuals have access to abortion; where prisons no longer exist; and where our politics reflect the popular will of the masses. After the wins and losses of this election cycle, we continue to see that the only way to build an alternative to our current conditions is to organize. Join YDSA to bring the fight for socialism and a better world to your campus! 

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The road ahead is long and uncertain, but through our unbreakable solidarity and unwavering belief in our struggle for liberation we know that we will win.

In Solidarity, 

Jake Colosa & Leena Yumeen, YDSA National Co-Chairs