The Activist

Taking Education Into Our Own Hands

With universities turning to austerity, YDSA has a responsibility to support student bodies when their schools don’t.

The Time to Fight

A member of YDSA’s leadership weighs in on what the drawn-out election will mean and how we should proceed.

No More No-Knocks

This speech was given to open the No More No Knocks rally in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The Safe State Strategy

YDSA members should tactically vote for Biden in swing states, while voting third party in safe states in the November election.

What does ‘abolish’ mean?

Andrew Pfannkuche’s response to a recent article on why YDSA shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the notion of a socialist approach to the institution of policing.

There are No “Socialist” Police

A police force elected from the working class will still oppress the most marginalized. That’s why socialists should support abolishing the police.

Call for Submissions: Against Police Brutality

Since the explosion of protests against police killings in late May, The Activist has published several articles on the police and protests against them. The protests have continued, and so has police brutality, especially in response to peaceful demonstrators. As part of the largest protest movement in U.S. history, some parts of the country have…