The Activist

Solidarity Encampments Are Changing Colleges Everywhere

Gaza Solidarity Encampments have sprung up on campuses around the country as student’s protest genocide in Gaza. As the student movement grows and nationalizes, administrative and police repression have also escalated. The author talks with YDSA leaders about their experience in the movement and their plans for future mobilization.

Why Degrowth is Needed

Louie Moore offers a deep dive into degrowth, one potential disruption of capitalist production and capitalist-induced climate change. Degrowth is an economic policy focused on reducing production and consumption within an economy to prioritize a more sustainable economic lifestyle while promoting a cleaner, healthier Earth. The current economy is centered around the idea of “growth,”…

Louisiana Tech YDSA Creates Trans Housing

Louisiana Tech YDSA has led efforts to create trans student housing and integrate new policies into broader housing improvements for all students on campus.

UCF YDSA Secures Affordable Plan B on Campus

In the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Republican state governments have cracked down on local reproductive rights. In Orlando, University of Central Florida students have organized for accessible and affordable Plan B on campus.

Socialists Must Embed Themselves in the Student Labor Movement: Lessons from UO

The undergraduate student labor movement is growing rapidly. The authors bring their experience from organizing University of Oregon YDSA to answer how YDSA chapters should help build it. At colleges and universities around the country, undergraduate student workers are getting organized. The movement to unionize undergraduate workers began at small private colleges like Grinnell in…

For Long-Term Growth, DSA Needs Sustainable Organizing

Growing DSA and building socialism will require our lifelong commitment to organizing. We must develop sustainable relationships to the movement that prevent burnout and increase member engagement. Growing DSA’s membership is very important to our organization’s success. We can organize more, pay for more, and accomplish more with more people. But often, not all members…