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DSA Should Take Advantage of the House Vote to Condemn Socialism

The United States House of Representatives recently voted on a resolution “Denouncing the horrors of socialism.” As DSA moves forward in planning its electoral strategy, we should use the list of Democrats who voted in favor of this resolution as a guide for the next few electoral cycles.

Students Need Affordable Public Transportation Now

Students in big, urban cities like New York rely on public transportation to commute to school everyday. Getting to school shouldn’t require breaking the bank for working-class students. 

Invest in the Future of DSA by Funding YDSA

In the coming weeks the DSA National Political Committee will vote on a proposed budget for YDSA. The YDSA National Coordinating Committee argues that fully funding YDSA means investing not just in a critical section of our organization, but the wider socialist movement. 

Earthquake Shakes, Capital Kills: The Origins of the Disaster in the Turkish Model

A week after the disaster, the death toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquake has risen to 43,000, making it the fifth deadliest earthquake of the 21st century. Some experts expect the death toll to rise above 70,000, as rescue efforts wind down in Turkey and end without having begun in Syria. More than a million currently…

DSA Needs a Plan for Party Building

DSA’s electoral strategy has been a hotly debated topic. Alex Pelliteri and Oren Schweitzer make the case for building a party-like structure through the 1-2-3-4 Plan, a resolution proposed at the recent NYC-DSA convention.

How Brazilian Institutions Supported a Coup on January 8th

DSA members react to former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s ineffective mimic of the events of January 6th. DSA International Committee member Jana Silverman was in Brasilia to witness Lula’s inauguration on January 1st. It was a “moment of catharsis,” for Silverman and the “tens of thousands of people from around the country,” who gathered that…

YDSA at the Forefront of UC Strike Solidarity

Student workers in the University of California system participated in a strike for over a month. YDSA members were crucial in the largest academic worker strike in US history.

Third Times the Charm; Why 2024 is the Perfect Year to Elect a President Bernie Sanders

One of the great and simultaneously terrible stories of American politics is that of the political comeback. Abraham Lincoln lost a race for the United States Senate only to be elected president two years later. Richard Nixon lost in the 1960 presidential election, then won the election of 1972. Ted Kennedy, who had planned to…