The Activist

For Long-Term Growth, DSA Needs Sustainable Organizing

Growing DSA and building socialism will require our lifelong commitment to organizing. We must develop sustainable relationships to the movement that prevent burnout and increase member engagement. Growing DSA’s membership is very important to our organization’s success. We can organize more, pay for more, and accomplish more with more people. But often, not all members…

“Personally Devastating”: YDSA Budget Slashed in Deficit Crisis Cuts

The DSA National Political Committee made substantial cuts to YDSA’s budget in the midst of a broader response to the organization’s budget crisis. The YDSA National Coordinating Committee and other YDSA leaders have protested these decisions. The author spoke to leaders across Y/DSA as they prepared their responses and planned for future organizing. DSA’s National…

American Universities Are Complicit in Israel’s Human Rights Violations

Many US universities are tied to companies and institutions that perpetuate apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Israel. The Activist Investigative Committee explores these entanglements and their effect on academic independence and recent crackdowns against pro-Palestinian activists on campus.

Why Your Chapter Should Start a Union Campaign

Students at the University of Oregon won the largest wall-to-wall undergraduate workers union in country. The author explains how UOYDSA was central to their organizing success. A year ago, I signed my union card. I believed in things like universal healthcare and socialized housing, but I didn’t think there was anything I could do personally…

The Activist’s Reading List on Palestinian Liberation

The Activist Editorial Board has compiled a reading list to understand the current moment in Palestine, the history of conflict and colonialism in the region, and the role of socialists and the international left in Palestinian liberation. We hope these readings can help facilitate individual political thought and development as well as political education events hosted by YDSA chapters across the country.

DSA Must Strategically Embrace Imperfect Electoralism

DSA convention passed an electoral strategy refraining from public conflict with the organization’s elected officials. The authors argue that we will only achieve electoral independence through organizing and basebuilding, not in-fighting.