The Activist

Lula Won and Brazil is Better for it

Lula overcoming tremendous obstacles to defeat Bolsonaro is a huge win for Brazil and the Left. But we should still temper our expectations for his presidency. 

DSA Members Watched a Crisis Unfold in Brazil

Members of the DSA NPC were in Brazil to observe the first round of the presidential election. They saw how dangerous of a situation Brazil is in – whether Lula secures a second round victory or not.

Gen Z Needs to Unionize Now!

Hannah Middleton argues that young people can and should improve their working conditions by organizing their workplace.

A Year of Internationalism

The authors of R10 «Integrating YDSA into the International Committee» recap what the Youth Leadership Committee of the IC has done this pass year. 

For a National Labor Strategy

Charlie Muller argues in favor of R2 «National Labor Strategy» to develop lifelong socialist organizers who are engaged in class struggle unionism and rank-and-file organizing.