The Activist

Struggling for Socialism in Texas

Young people across the country, Texans included, are increasingly despairing with their political options. YDSA is working to change that by showing people what can be possible.

Fighting Back in DeSantis’s Florida

Socialist organizing has become a very different task in Florida as Ron DeSantis has pursued reactionary culture war policy positions. But YDSA chapters have been fighting back.

Missouri YDSA Wins Affordable Plan B on Campus

The University of Missouri YDSA faces difficult organizing circumstances in a Republican-controlled state. They were still able to improve material conditions for students on campus by drastically reducing the cost of Plan B. 

Oregon YDSA Organizes Wall-to-Wall Campus Union

As the student-worker organizing movement grows, the University of Oregon (UO) YDSA helped organize a wall-to-wall campus union. It could prove to be a monumental win for student workers across the country.

Wesleyan YDSA Wins Free Abortion for Students in Connecticut

At Wesleyan University in Connecticut, a YDSA chapter led a campaign that prompted the school to start covering the costs of abortions and other reproductive care. YDSA can and should organize around issues of reproductive justice is critical even where abortion is legal because access is restricted economically.

Class War is Brewing in California

California has become a hot spot for labor action, helping to lead the way in a nationwide resurgence of the labor movement. YDSA members have been closely involved in this development.