Call for Submissions: 2020 YDSA Convention

YDSA will hold its annual convention this summer from July 31st to August 2nd. Hundreds of members representing chapters across the country will collectively decide the direction of our organization for the coming year.

Discussion and debate are crucial components of democracy. We must be clear about what we think we should do in order to grow our chapters and build the socialist movement on campuses. In such a large organization, differences of opinion are natural and healthy. To better understand each other’s political positions, we need to articulate where we agree and disagree with other YDSA members. 

The ongoing COVID pandemic makes discussion and debate more difficult, as this year’s convention will be held remotely, online. During a meaningful political argument, we should be willing to change our minds a few times. We should appreciate the merit of what someone is saying, maybe refining our own position or coming to agree with the other person. Usually, this process occurs through in-person conversations. 

But discussion and debate at a distance aren’t impossible! YDSA is your organization, and The Activist is your publication to present your views on the direction of YDSA. We welcome articles presenting a path forward for YDSA or advocating for specific resolutions. Our Editorial Board will work with you to express your ideas succinctly and convincingly, and we will work to solicit multiple opinions on different questions.

Though there may be forceful disagreements or close votes at the convention, we believe a democratic culture makes us better socialists and creates a stronger organization. We have a world to win, but it will take a bit of reflection and deliberation along the way. Get writing comrades!

To submit an article, visit Please email [email protected] with any questions!