Louisiana Tech YDSA Creates Trans Housing

Louisiana Tech YDSA has led efforts to create trans student housing and integrate new policies into broader housing improvements for all students on campus.

Louisiana Tech is far from what one would call an “accepting” school. When our chapter decided at the end of the last school year to create a Trans Housing Program we knew that we would have to be smart with our approach. Our chapter decided to run a pressure campaign on our housing administration using an approach that would be hard for them to push aside.

At the start of the new school year, we sent out a general housing survey to all students. The survey was designed to do two things: gauge campus support for trans housing and get a list of other housing issues facing students. We knew that there was enough general support among the students and organizations we knew, but we wanted broader numbers. We used the other general issues to create an all-encompassing petition that sought to better all student housing including our trans housing program.

Our goal was to get 400 signatures over a few months, but after only a month we hit over 250! Because of how fast our petition was taking off in comparison to others previously, we scheduled a meeting with our administration two months ahead of schedule. The goal when we talked to our administration was to fight for trans housing first using the other issues to apply pressure and to allow them to negotiate on some issues if needed so long as trans housing was untouched. We’re excited to say that because of how well our campaign was received by students, our administration worked with us to create plans of action on all of the issues we brought to them, and they plan to stay in touch with our chapter as they implement each of their plans. Our chapter is absolutely ecstatic about this win, as it’s one of the first such policies in North Louisiana!