November Theme: Bernie and Beyond

This month, The Activist is seeking submissions around the theme “Bernie and Beyond.”

We all love Bernie, and since DSA voted to endorse him, the fight to get a socialist in the White House is a big part of what we do. But as socialists we realise that it doesn’t stop there.  Whether he wins or loses, YDSA is part of larger struggle against the forces of exploitation and oppression around the world. As Bernie says, it’s #NotMeUs — and we’re the us. Bernie’s campaign is about building a movement, and as part of that movement, YDSA members should feel empowered to weigh in on what matters to them.

Throughout the month, The Activist will be tweeting out discussion questions based on the National Political Education Committee’s night school syllabus, which you can find here. But that’s only to get the conversation going — if you have anything to say about Bernie, how YDSA should relate to his campaign, and how it fits into our broader struggle, then we want to publish it!

Our movement is one to build a new society, one that ends systems of exploitation and empowers the poor and marginalized. Corporate media isn’t going to give us the platform to do that, so we have to build our own platform for that. Be a part of that. 

Head over to to find out how to submit an article, or email [email protected] to talk to an editor about your ideas.

Need some inspiration? Find The Activist’s “Bernie or Bust” series here.

Happy writing, and solidarity forever!

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