Our Favorite Socialist Holiday Songs

With love from The Activist Editorial Board, here’s a carefully curated playlist, perfect for you and your loved ones this winter:

  • All I Want For Christmas (is a Rail Strike!)
  • Last Christmas (I Gave You My Surplus Value)
  • Billionaires Roasting Over an Open Fire
  • (I’m Dreaming of a) Red Christmas
  • Picketing Around the Christmas Tree
  • Rudolph the Red
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Friedrich Engels
  • Deck the Halls (With Boughs of Roses)
  • O’ Socialism O’ Socialism an Economic Theory to Remember
  • Revolution Bells Ring, Are You Listening?
  • You’re a Mean One, Mr. Schultz/Bezos/Musk
  • Karl Marx is Coming to Town

Thanks for submitting and reading this year — see you in the next!