The Activist

Why Your Chapter Should Start a Union Campaign

Students at the University of Oregon won the largest wall-to-wall undergraduate workers union in country. The author explains how UOYDSA was central to their organizing success. A year ago, I signed my union card. I believed in things like universal healthcare and socialized housing, but I didn’t think there was anything I could do personally…

The Activist’s Reading List on Palestinian Liberation

The Activist Editorial Board has compiled a reading list to understand the current moment in Palestine, the history of conflict and colonialism in the region, and the role of socialists and the international left in Palestinian liberation. We hope these readings can help facilitate individual political thought and development as well as political education events hosted by YDSA chapters across the country.

DSA Must Strategically Embrace Imperfect Electoralism

DSA convention passed an electoral strategy refraining from public conflict with the organization’s elected officials. The authors argue that we will only achieve electoral independence through organizing and basebuilding, not in-fighting.

YDSA Members Should Support Striking Students in São Paulo

Students at the University of São Paulo are on strike for better funding and the democratization of higher education. The authors argue that YDSAers should support their struggle by amplifying their demands, sending messages of solidarity, and following in their example by building broad, dynamic struggles of our own. This past Tuesday, September 19, over…

We’re All McAleveyites Now 

Jane McAlevey’s emphasizes being “organizers” not “activists.” This represents an important development for the Left.

Struggling for Socialism in Texas

Young people across the country, Texans included, are increasingly despairing with their political options. YDSA is working to change that by showing people what can be possible.

Fighting Back in DeSantis’s Florida

Socialist organizing has become a very different task in Florida as Ron DeSantis has pursued reactionary culture war policy positions. But YDSA chapters have been fighting back.