The Activist

Building our Collective National Strategy

Kristen C. and Oren S. argue that YDSA is too decentralized and as a result chapters get left behind. They explain that if YDSA wants to build itself into the youth wing of a future mass party it needs to task leadership with drafting a Tasks and Perspectives document and get serious about collective strategy and interchapter discussion and debate.

Stories of Struggle: YDSA Members Report from Protests Against Racist Policing

When the police killing of George Floyd set off a nationwide uprising against racism and police brutality, YDSA members across the country took to the streets, joining the tens of thousands who have taken a stand to strongly declare that Black Lives Matter and that the system of policing as we know it can no longer continue. Here are some of their stories.

2020 Has Shown Us the Future of Democratic Socialism

Ty K and Soleil S of Knox College YDSA argue that socialists must center visions of racial justice and abolition in their activism. They also provide concrete objectives organizers can pursue to work toward these ends.

YDSA Stands With Protests Against White Supremacy, Capitalism and Police Violence

Socialists in this moment need to do everything they can to support this uprising, and to ensure that the rupture in public opinion created by these protests does not allow fascism to creep in. We need to organize, to build a mass socialist movement that can provide the sorely needed perspective on this crisis, and work to build lasting organizations of working people to fight for an end to the twin scourges of white supremacy and capitalism, in the streets, in the labor movement, and in our chapters and our communities.

YDSA’s Labor Strategy Should Be About Recruitment

Jacob W argues that YDSA’s labor strategy should be about convincing students and workers to become socialists rather than convincing socialists to change careers. YDSA needs a strategy that is regionally flexible & emphasizes outward facing organizing.

Call for Submissions: 2020 YDSA Convention

Discussion and debate are crucial components of democracy. We must be clear about what we think we should do in order to grow our chapters and build the socialist movement on campuses.

A Cross-CUNY Strategy

The City University of New York used to be free for most students. Only students, faculty, and workers organizing together on all of its campuses can win public education back.

Organizing Atlanta Neighborhoods during Covid-19

Like many of our comrades around the country, we socialists in Atlanta have been confronted with the immediate task of organizing our communities in the face of the combined catastrophes of the coronavirus pandemic and, perhaps more importantly, the rapidly developing global economic crisis.