The Activist

GEO on Strike at the University of Michigan

Graduate student workers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor went on strike today. Our editor, Elias Khoury, spoke with Spyros Kasapis, a YDSA member represented by the union.

On the Biden Resolution

Justin R. argues that while YDSA should denounce Biden and Trump as sexual predators, we shouldn’t dedicate our time or resources to a third-party presidential campaign.

“Towards an Independent Working Class Party”: Why YDSA should call for a new Party

       Making the case for the “Towards an Independent Working Class Party” resolution, Vanderbilt College YDSA’s Matt C. argues that socialists should urgently lay the groundwork for a new, socialist, working class party, by starting to run on an independent ballot line in key states and building coalitions with other left organizations.

YDSA Must Have Clear Priorities

Autumn P. of Purdue YDSA and Sumter A. of Georgia Tech YDSA give their opinions on resolutions to be debated at YDSA’s upcoming convention and argue that delegates must vote for clear priorities.

Political Education and the Socialist Movement

Emmaline B. of Columbia University stresses the importance of political education and argues for the imperative to pass the ‘Developing a Robust National Political Education’ resolution at the upcoming YDSA convention.

Building our Collective National Strategy

Kristen C. and Oren S. argue that YDSA is too decentralized and as a result chapters get left behind. They explain that if YDSA wants to build itself into the youth wing of a future mass party it needs to task leadership with drafting a Tasks and Perspectives document and get serious about collective strategy and interchapter discussion and debate.