The Activist

For R12: Which Way for the Student Worker Movement?

How to best relate to different sections of the labor movement has always been a critical question for socialists. Supporters of Resolution 12 argue that the unamended version of their resolutions offers YDSA the best path forward in relation to the undergraduate student-worker movement. 

For R12: The Student-Worker Movement Needs Class-Struggle Unionism

The key to winning democratic socialism is through mass action by the working class. Supporters of Resolution 12 argue that we can get there by supporting young socialists to take strategic union jobs and to organize in the student-worker movement.

For R21: On the Front Lines of the Battle for Democracy

The US Constitution is clearly an antidemocratic force in American politics. Supporters of Resolution 21 argue that it is the greatest obstacle to socialism and that overturning the current constitutional order is our most important task. 

For R14: Intentional Growth Requires Intentional Investment

YDSA chapters do not currently have a way of reliably getting funds from the national organization. Supporters of Resolution 14 argue in favor of a grant system that would get funds to chapters and allow the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) to have more influence over local campaigns. 

For R26: Charting the Path Forward to an Internationalist YDSA

The International Committee Youth Leadership Committee (ICYLC) has made connections with many different groups abroad in the past few years. Supporters of Resolution 26 argue that we should stay the course with the current structure of the committee. 

For R23: YDSA Needs a Class-Struggle Vision for International Work

Internationalism is a key component of socialist thought. Supporters of Resolution 23 argue that by moving our youth international work under YDSA, we can be better equipped to develop stronger relationships with global youth workers’ and socialist movements.

For R18: YDSA Autonomy is not YDSA Separatism  

In recent years, YDSA’s membership has grown significantly while DSA’s membership has stagnated. Supporters of Resolution 18 argue that YDSA needs more autonomy to continue to grow – not just our organization but the wider socialist movement.

Meet the NCC Co-Chair Candidates

There are four candidates running for the two co-chair roles on the YDSA NCC at this year’s Summer Convention. Learn about them here!   The National Coordinating Committee’s (NCC) term is coming to an end and soon a new group of organizers will take their place. The NCC’s current nine members are the driving force behind YDSA’s…