The Activist

DSA Members Watched a Crisis Unfold in Brazil

Members of the DSA NPC were in Brazil to observe the first round of the presidential election. They saw how dangerous of a situation Brazil is in – whether Lula secures a second round victory or not.

Gen Z Needs to Unionize Now!

Hannah Middleton argues that young people can and should improve their working conditions by organizing their workplace.

The Activist Summer 2022 Print Issue

The Activist published the first print issue of the magazine since 2019 over the summer. It was available for delegates to YDSA’s Summer Convention in Minneapolis and can now be viewed online here.    All 29 pages of the Summer 2022 Print Issue can be viewed here.  In the magazine you will find: A Letter from…

A Year of Internationalism

The authors of R10 “Integrating YDSA into the International Committee” recap what the Youth Leadership Committee of the IC has done this pass year. 

For a National Labor Strategy

Charlie Muller argues in favor of R2 “National Labor Strategy” to develop lifelong socialist organizers who are engaged in class struggle unionism and rank-and-file organizing.