The Activist

Generation Z’s War is The Class War

Young people today face a bleak economic situation as they move beyond college age. This makes Generation Z uniquely open to class-based and socialist politics. 

Reformers Demand Democracy in UAW

The recent United Auto Workers internal elections were highly contested between the long entrenched Administration Caucus and the reform-minded Unite All Workers for Democracy caucus. The election resulted in a massive upset win for the reform caucus and for supporters of more democratic unions everywhere.

The Activist Spring 2023 Print Issue

The Activist recently published our Spring 2023 print issue. It was made available to all attendees of the YDSA Conference in Chicago from April 14-16th. However, if you were unable to attend the conference, you can still view a digital version of the print issue here. All of the articles will also be posted individually…

YDSA Conference Made Me A Lifelong Socialist Organizer

This year’s YDSA Conference was held in Chicago from April 14-16th and was combined with an activist conference for DSA electoral and labor organizers. While a national activist conference might be a good idea for DSA, it shouldn’t come at the cost of spots for YDSA members in crucial phases of their socialist development.

The Warrior Met Coal Strike Began Two Years Ago Today

The United Mine Workers of Alabama went on strike two years ago today to reverse concessions from 2016. DSA should fill the void left by the lack of support for the mineworkers from the Democratic Party.