The Activist Summer 2022 Print Issue

The Activist published the first print issue of the magazine since 2019 over the summer. It was available for delegates to YDSA’s Summer Convention in Minneapolis and can now be viewed online here. 


All 29 pages of the Summer 2022 Print Issue can be viewed here. 

In the magazine you will find:

  1. A Letter from the Editors
  2. Committee reports from 2021-2022 for national committees
  3. Gen Z Needs to Unionize Now! by Hannah Middleton
  4. Meet the New York Slate by Alexandra Chan
  5. Onboarding and Mentorship Saved My Chapter by Sayeh Jafari
  6. Democracy is Power and We Need to Use It by Taylor Clark and Jake Colosa
  7. Centering Palestine is Essential to Revitalizing the Labor Movement by Willem Morris
  8. Chapter Reports from across the country