The Activist, Winter 2021

Following Resolution 16 from the YDSA Summer 2020 Convention, The Activist editorial board is tasked with publishing two print issues per year. The Winter 2021 print issue is being sent to Winter Conference attendees, but you can also view it online. We are proud to present the work of 20 comrades from around the country, and hope that you will enjoy reading.

A pdf file of the Winter 2021 print issue is available here.

Below is a table of contents linking to each article individually. Due to length constraints, some articles had to be shortened or removed altogether.

  1. Front matter
  2. A Report from the YDSA National Coordinating Committee
  3. “Building Lifelong Socialist Organizers”*
  4. Committee Reports
    1. National Organizing Committee
    2. National Political Education Committee
    3. National Labor Committee
  5. Debate: The police question
    1. “Abolish”
    2. “Reform”
    3. “Defund”
    4. “Democratize”**
    5. “Agnostic”**
  6. “An Interview with BYP100”*
  7. “An Interview with Sunrise”*
  8. “A Hundred Nights in Portland”*
  9. “Maintaining Momentum Through Online Organizing”*

* Shortened for the print issue

** Removed from the print issue entirely