Michigan Specter, Issues 1-5

Michigan Specter is the official publication of YDSA at the University of Michigan.

The Michigan Specter

For a life worth living


Issue 1, June 2020 — ‘Of Pandemics and Academics: How the University of Michigan Robbed 30,000 Students,’ ‘Our Loss, thanks to Betsy DeVos,’ ‘Abolition on the Horizon,’ and ‘Taking the Climate Black Pill’

Issue 2, August 2020 — ‘On the Politicization of Sports: The Forgotten Story of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf,’ ‘The Looming Threat of Surveillance in a Time of Nationwide Upheaval,’ and ‘Profits Over Pandemics’

Issue 3, September 2020 — ‘So They Told You To Vote,’ ‘But Honestly: Who Really Cares About Statues?’ ‘From Original Sin to Original Revolution: Fighting the Climate Crisis with Indigenous Knowledge,’ and ‘Radical Love & The Left’

Issue 4, January 2021 — ‘We Need More,’ ‘Challenging Neoliberal Complacency: The Future of Leftist Organizing,’ ‘The False Narratives Around Rent Control,’ ‘Gig Companies Buy Immunity From Labor Protections,’ and ‘Interview with BYP100

Issue 5, April 2021 — ‘How the Media Legitimizes Gentrification,’ ‘Forcing the Vote on Medicare for All: A Proven and Imperative Strategy,’ ‘A Blueprint for Defunding the Police,’ and ‘What is Ultraleftism?

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