The Rose Thorn, Issues 1 and 2

The Rose Thorn is Grand Valley State University YDSA’s monthly leftist magazine.

The Rose Thorn


Issue 1, March 2021 — ‘I Am Woman Hear Me… Complain?’ ‘Lansing’s Fascist Rally and Its Connection to the Capitol Hill Riot,’ ‘A word from Students for Food Sovereignty at GVSU,’ ‘Techno feudalism / Neo feudalism,’ and ‘Review: The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer’

Issue 2, April 2021 — ‘TikTok and Online Leftism,’ ‘Biden: Sexual Predator and Poster President for Performative Allyship,’ ‘White Supremacy in Our Backyard,’ ‘Built on a Broken Base,’ and ‘Social Ecology and the Politics of Direct Democracy’

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