Trans Rights and Abortion – Never Surrender!

TRANS (Trans Rights and Abortion—Never Surrender!) is YDSA’s national bodily autonomy campaign organizing around trans liberation, reproductive justice, and the intersectionalities between these campaigns and building a socialist future.


During YDSA’s 2023 National Convention, we voted for Resolution 19: For a Mass Socialist Campaign For Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy.

We know that the fight for abortion rights and the rights of transgender people are inextricably linked, since both struggles demand bodily autonomy, access to healthcare, and freedom from reactionary social conservatism. The struggle for bodily autonomy is necessarily intertwined with the struggle against capitalism. The capitalist system functions by robbing workers and oppressed people of control over their lives, controlling their bodies and forcing them to work and live for the benefit of the capitalist class.

Liberal organizations and the Democratic Party are ineffective at best and actively harmful at worst. The only way to defend and expand abortion rights and reproductive healthcare rights is through a broad movement that brings together different sections of the working class using tactics such as mass protests, civil disobedience, and labor action.


As a growing far right, authoritarian movement in the United States launches escalating attacks on personal freedom, bodily autonomy and democratic rights, YDSA has called on local chapters to run local campaigns—pressure campaigns, mutual aid, and more—in order to lead the youth struggle for trans rights and reproductive justice by offering a clear socialist analysis, militant strategies and nationwide organizing capacity.

YDSA is best suited to bring together the labor movement, the student movement, and the movement for bodily autonomy by arming these struggles with the socialist approach that is necessary to win liberation for the multi-racial, gender-diverse working class.


YDSA Chapters across the country are currently engaging in a wide variety of campaigns, from fighting to make abortion free on campus for all students, to expanding the amount of gender neutral bathrooms in school, and to making their town a sanctuary city for the trans community. Find a local YDSA chapter around you that is engaging in TRANS work, sign-up your own chapter to run a TRANS campaign, or start a YDSA chapter today to begin organizing your own campaign!


All of our organizing efforts are leading up to our National Day of Action on March 28th. Chapters from across the country will join in solidarity in a move of protests, walk-outs, sit-ins, banner-drops, and more in order to demand: Trans Rights and Abortion—Never Surrender!

Resources for TRANS campaigns