YDSA Bookshelf

YDSA has created resources to help you with anything from organizing a campaign to starting a chapter! These materials were developed by members of the NCC and National Committees. Check out all of our materials and resources below:

YDSA How-To Guides

NEW! Socialism 101 Syllabus

2017 YDSA Organizing Manual
An over 40-page manual that covers a variety of topics and gives you a nuts and bolts look at chapter building.

Socialist Night School Manual
A manual that can be used by local YDSA chapters across the country to organize political education events that develop members new and old. 

School of Socialism Syllabus
A syllabus that can be used by local YDSA chapters across the country, covering a full range of topics and draw from democratic socialist theory, historical socialist struggles, and contemporary social movements. 

YDSA Mutual Mentorship Guide
A guide to developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between your YDSA and DSA chapter.

YDSA Labor Organizing Guide
A YDSA-specific guide to working with labor organizations, unions, and campaigns on your campus.

YDSA College for All Guide
This guide offers an in-depth look at the crisis in higher education and a summary of the escalating tactics that will help us build the student movement we need.

YDSA Rank-and-File Teachers Guide
A-YDSA specific guide to becoming a rank-and-file teacher to help build the labor movement after you graduate. 

YDSA Medicare For All Guide
A YDSA-specific guide on how to set up and run a Medicare for All campaign on your campus.

Starting A Chapter

Sample Chapter/Club Constitution
A sample chapter constitution your club can use as a template for your own.

Fall Drive Materials

YDSA Tri-Fold Pamphlet: Black and White | Color
Handout about YDSA and DSA for tabling and other outreach events.

Stickers: YDSA | DSA
Printable sticker templates for tabling and other outreach events.

College for All Trifold
Use this slick pamphlet while tabling to let everyone know of what is happening to our schools and universities, and how they can help us fight for College for All.

YDSA Press Kit
Guides and templates for doing press outreach to spotlight your chapter and your work.

Logo Assets & Design Guide
Design your own logo for your YDSA chapter.

Digital Security Packet
How to guide on digital security for you and your members (not produced by YDSA or DSA).

Other Resources

The Activist (Spring 2020)
20-page magazine of recent articles and reports from YDSA activists

The Activist (Fall 2017)
8-page magazine produced specifically for the 2017 fall drive by the Activist editorial board of YDSA.