YDSA Labor Committee

The YLC is a team of YDSA organizers building the labor movement on college campuses across the country. We help YDSA chapters take their labor organizing work to the next level by conducting trainings, connecting with resources, and providing 1:1 mentorship.

If you’re a socialist student who wants to join the labor movement, we need you! Read on for how to get involved.

Campus Labor Organizing

Dozens of YDSA chapters are running unionization drives on their campuses – and winning big. Your campus could be next with support from the YLC! It doesn’t matter what stage your drive is in – the YLC can help you take your campaign from an idea to an election.

Rank and File Strategy

The Rank-and-File Strategy is YDSA’s long-term strategy to rebuild a militant labor movement from the bottom-up and merge it with the socialist movement. To do this, we need young socialists taking rank-and-file union jobs in strategic sectors [Education, Healthcare, Logistics, etc.] — from there, they can organize their co-workers, reform their unions, and lead class-struggle on the shop-floor.

To carry out the Rank-and-File Strategy, the YLC is developing political education encouraging young socialists to join the labor movement, cohering networks of YDSAers who want to enter similar industries, and partnering up with labor organizations to help provide long-term support and mentorship to YDSAers entering those industries. 

If you’re a YDSAer who is interested in ‘industrializing’ (taking a rank-and-file job in a strategic industry), please fill out this form to be connected with resources and support! If you’re interested in organizing a presentation on the rank-and-file strategy for your chapter, please check this template presentation created by the YLC.


YDSA Labor Committee Leadership
  • Allan Frasheri, Co-chair, University of Florida YDSA
  • Ella Meloy, Co-chair, Portland DSA
  • Ian Scott, Co-chair, Dartmouth YDSA
  • Carlos Callejo, NCC liaison, Cal Poly Pomona YDSA
  • Noah Thompson, NCC liaison, University of Oregon YDSA